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Most-Ordered Summer Fiction — Edelweiss

The top 30 most-ordered fiction titles, with a pub date before Aug 1, through Edelweiss in the past 60 days, as of 4/20/11.

Edelweiss creates electronic catalogs used by publishers sales reps primarily with independent booksellers. it does not represent all publishers; those that are represented are listed on the Edelweiss home page.

The next list will be available in the next two to three months.

1. State of Wonder by Patchett, Ann (HarperCollins/Harper) PubDate: Jun 7 2011
– HarperCollins

2.  Ghost Story by Butcher, Jim (Penguin Group (USA) Inc./Roc Hardcover) PubDate: Jul 26 2011

3.  Smokin’ Seventeen by Evanovich, Janet (Random House/Bantam) PubDate: Jun 21 2011

4. Dreams of Joy by See, Lisa (Random House/Random House) PubDate: May 31 2011

5. Portrait of a Spy by Silva, Daniel (HarperCollins/Harper) PubDate: Jul 19 2011

6. The Last Werewolf by Duncan, Glen (Random House/Knopf) PubDate: Jul 12 2011

7. Maine by Sullivan, J. Courtney (Random House/Knopf) PubDate: Jun 14 2011; Large Type, Thorndike, 9781410438379 7/6/2011 $33.99

8. ” target=”_blank”>Silver Girl by Hilderbrand, Elin (Hachette/Reagan Arthur Books) PubDate: Jun 21 2011

9. Caleb’s Crossing by Brooks, Geraldine (Penguin Group (USA) Inc./Viking Adult) PubDate: May 3 2011; Large Type, Thorndike, 9781410437341 5/4/2011 $35.99

10.  The Snowman by Nesbo, Jo (Random House/Knopf) PubDate: May 10 2011

11.  Against All Enemies by Clancy, Tom (Penguin/Putnam Adult) PubDate: Jun 14 2011; Large Type, Thorndike, 9781410440112 7/6/2011 $35.99

12.  Dead Reckoning by Harris, Charlaine (Penguin Group (USA) Inc./Ace Hardcover) PubDate: May 3 2011; Large Type, Thorndike, 9781410435088 5/4/2011 $33.99

13. Once Upon a River by Campbell, Bonnie Jo (W.W. Norton/W. W. Norton & Company) PubDate: Jul 5 2011; ; Large Type, Thorndike; 9781410440792 9/7/2011 $30.99

14. Robopocalypse by Wilson, Daniel H. (Random House/Doubleday) PubDate: Jun 7 2011

15. 10th Anniversary by Patterson, James and Paetro, Maxine (Hachette/Little, Brown and Company) PubDate: May 2 2011

16. One Summer by Baldacci, David (Hachette/Grand Central Publishing) PubDate: Jun 14 2011

17. The Devil All the Time by Pollock, Donald Ray (Random House/Doubleday) PubDate: Jul 12 2011

18. The Dog Who Came in from the Cold by Mccall Smith, Alexander (Random House/Pantheon) PubDate: Jun 21 2011

19. Faith by Haigh, Jennifer (HarperCollins/Harper) PubDate: May 10 2011

20. Sisterhood Everlasting by Brashares, Ann (Random House/Random House) PubDate: Jun 14 2011

21. Heat Wave by Thayer, Nancy (Random House/Ballantine Books) PubDate: Jun 21 2011

22. The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb by Benjamin, Melanie (Random House/Delacorte Press) PubDate: Jul 26 2011

23. Iron House by Hart, John (Macmillan/Thomas Dunne Books) PubDate: Jul 12 2011; Large Type, Thorndike; 9781410438485 7/12/2011 $35.99

24. Vaclav & Lena by Tanner, Haley (Random House/The Dial Press) PubDate: May 17 2011

25. Before I Go To Sleep by Watson, S. J. (HarperCollins/Harper) PubDate: Jun 14 2011

26.  ” target=”_blank”>Tabloid City by Hamill, Pete (Hachette/Little, Brown and Company) PubDate: May 5 2011

27. The Hypnotist by Kepler, Lars (Macmillan/Farrar, Straus and Giroux) PubDate: Jun 21 2011

28.  The Final Storm by Shaara, Jeff (Random House/Ballantine Books) PubDate: May 17 2011

29. Conquistadora by Santiago, Esmeralda (Random House/Knopf) PubDate: Jul 12 2011

30. The Kid by Sapphire (Penguin Group (USA) Inc./Penguin Press HC, The) PubDate: Jul 5 2011


From article in the, written by Bella Bathurst:

“Worksop has a resident book-eater. “We kept noticing that pages had been ripped from some of the books,” says Peter Collins. “Not whole pages, just little bits. It would always be done really neatly, just the tops of the pages. And then we’d see these little pellets everywhere, little balls of chewed paper cropping up in different parts of the library. Eventually we figured out who it must be. None of us wanted to say we’d noticed him munching away at the books, so I approached him and said something like I’d noticed ‘tearing’ on some volumes. He said he didn’t know anything about it, but we’ve never seen him back.”

“And we had a streaker once,” Collins continues. “In Tamworth. He got into the lifts, and somewhere between the first and second floors he managed to take off all his clothes, run naked through Music and Junior, and then vanish out the front doors. The library there is right next to a graveyard, so goodness only knows what happened to him. Still, all part of life’s rich tapestry.”

Our library seems downright boring next to this.