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Blogus Interruptus

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Library, General

Sorry for the silence, not to mention the big move from the NSLS site to WordPress, which was totally out of my control. NSLS has gone under, thanks to the State of Illinois. The state stopped funding the library system, so the library system went away.

That doesn’t mean our individual libraries have disappeared. It just means we no longer have an organizing body to take care of all of us as a whole – no headquarters, etc.

What this all means I don’t really know. We may merge with another library system, or break up and merge with several. No one has those answers yet. For now we’re in limbo, unsure if our interlibrary load will even remain. And if that goes…? Can’t bear to think about it.

I’m concentrating on getting this blog up and running again. The new main focus will probably be the popular/genre fiction I’m trying to catch up with. While still reading my regular fare of literary fiction, classics and nonfiction, I’m adding in authors I’d never considered reading before. The purpose is to better serve the public. Reading what most patrons read puts me more in touch with their tastes, which can only be a good thing.

Still in a state of flux here, so bear with me. If you can even FIND me, that is. But I’m still here. Look closely and you’ll see me wave.