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A – Z read

Posted: January 4, 2010 in A-Z Fiction Read

Forget what I said earlier. While I am committing myself to an A-Z read in 2010, I will no longer let the library’s collection rule what I choose – basically, because reading the first book in every letter has shown me what a boatload of crap those can be. And I don’t have the time to waste on them – nor do any of us, so let me save you the time, too. 

Instead, I’m choosing my own authors with names beginning with A-Z. My “A” novel: Paul Auster’s Man in the Dark: A Novel:


From The New Yorker

A car accident and the death of his wife have left the retired book critic August Brill a physical and spiritual invalid. Virtually confined to his house with his recently divorced daughter and a twenty-three-year-old grandchild stricken with grief after the murder of her ex-boyfriend, Brill, an insomniac, attempts to stave off thoughts of death by telling himself bedtime stories. His tired mind weaves a tale that combines details of his life with more fantastic flights�such as the story of a man who, waking up in an alternate universe where 9/11 never happened and the 2000 election led to civil war, is sent on a mission to destroy the very person who has imagined him into existence. The narrative juxtapositions and the riddling starkness of Auster�s prose create an absorbing if mildly scattershot effect, breathing life into a meditation on the difference between the stories we want to tell and the stories we end up telling.
Copyright ©2008
Verdict? Excellent. Just excellent. Such lyricism of language, brilliantly realized characters, fast-moving plot. All the positives book reviewers use, save perhaps “epic,” because it’s only 192 pages.
I’ll post a favorite quote later, since I forgot to bring the book in with me and can’t do it now. The shame!
Rating: five pairs of sensible shoes rating (out of five) for Man in the Dark.
What will my “B” novel be? Stay tuned …

A – Z library read

Posted: November 16, 2009 in A-Z Fiction Read, Uncategorized

New rule! If I absolutely can’t stand one work by an author because of horrible writing style, on the next trip through I’ll skip past that writer and go to the next.


Ah, the delusion of power.

Not quite sure what to do if I’ve already read a particular book. I think I’ll leave it up to my own discretion. Works for me.