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A – Z library read

Posted: November 16, 2009 in A-Z Fiction Read, Uncategorized

New rule! If I absolutely can’t stand one work by an author because of horrible writing style, on the next trip through I’ll skip past that writer and go to the next.


Ah, the delusion of power.

Not quite sure what to do if I’ve already read a particular book. I think I’ll leave it up to my own discretion. Works for me.


Things are too quiet around here. Plus, my life’s not quite busy enough with just grad school, work, school, writing book reviews and columns, blogging and handling various and sundry household duties, errands, and keeping on top of the kids’ needs.

So, I’m going to read every fiction book in our library – The Algonquin Area Public Library District. That should liven things up. Or kill me, should I even live long enough to get through this project.

Prediction: Doubtful, but oh what fun.

How does this work? Glad you asked. I’ll tell you. I’m going to go alphabetically, reading each book from each letter in order, alternating letters of the alphabet. In other words, I’ve read the first book in our “A” Section – The Price of Fame by Carolyne Aarsen. Now I’lll go to “B” and read the first book in that section. Then “C,” and so on. When I get to “Z” I’ll start over again with “A.”

Simple, yet entirely insane.

I’ll give a short (likely very short) review or synopsis, along with my personal feelings about the book, and any details I feel are relevant.

But … Considering the number of books we’re dealing with here, I’m going to employ the Nancy Pearl reading code. That is, I’ll give each book the benefit of 100 pages, minus my age. That means 57 pages, since I’m (muffle muffle( years old ( like you can’t do the math …). If I positively cannot stomach reading the book I will stop at page 57 and give my thoughts on why I disliked it so. But, by no means will I stop before page 57. Again, even if it kills me.

Results: Employing the Pearl code to The Price of Fame, I stopped at pg. 57, skimming forward as much as I could.

Synopsis: The book’s a work of Christian romance, involving three sisters who have converted their childhood home to an inn. A movie crew comes scouting one day, hoping to use a local church. The tiny hamlet is thrown by the thought of becoming suddenly famous.


Page 57 rule: Why couldn’t I finish? One word: sappy. I can’t tolerate treacly prose, especially when written in such pedestrian language. It just wasn’t worth the time.

Thoughts: As far as the author’s intent, to write a gentle work of Christian fiction, I’d say she hit her home run. I just can’t tolerate the genre.

And that’s my “A-1” read for this go-’round!

Up next in “B-1,” Summer Snow: A Novel by Nicole Baart. Another work of inspirational fiction!

The Universe is obviously trying to kill me.

Stay tuned.