Not an April Fool’s joke…

Posted: April 1, 2010 in Completely Off Bookish Topics

A few days ago my *other* blog was nominated in the category of Best Librarian Blog. The funny thing is, I hardly talk about libraries at all there, and here sits my true library blog, waiting patiently.

They call that IRONY.

I think my big problem with consistently blogging here lies partly with the admittedly universal difficulty of achieving a balance between work, home, reading and writing about reading. It really takes tremendous energy reading with the intention of writing about it, at least if you plan to say more than “I liked it.” or “It sucked.”

Then having a family, on top of it all? Clearly one of the two needs to go (and my daughter’s been pretty annoying lately)(she’s 16, need I say more?). Think of all the time I’d have then! Staggers the imagination. And their rooms! All the books lying on various tables and floors could be housed in bookcases if only I had, say, two spare rooms to work with. Wish you could see the gleam in my eye… It’s touching to behold.

In MLIS news, I got my diploma in the mail last week! I’m officially sheep skinned, or, as I call it, a “real” wage earner. Ah, at last. No more paraprofessional for me, no sir, but what a great foot in the door that was, little did I know.

Don’t know if I’ll attend the graduation ceremony. It’s in May, even for we December grads. Being a distance student and all, it’s not like it was as an undergrad when I got drunk with knew so many people. A couple people I know may be there, but will it really feel like a graduation?

I was a returning student, after all. Not the only post-30 by far, but not one of the young ‘uns, either. If I’m going to feel like I could pass for everyone else’s mother I’m not so sure I want to be a part of that. I know, I know, if I go I could stand up for the rights of returning students, championing the cause of changing direction mid-life, and isn’t that blah, blah… But couldn’t someone else do that, instead?

Just asking.

Anyway, I am now a 100 %, bonafide, sheep skin wielding librarian, with all the duties and privileges thereof. I am, dear people, Librarian, step 1. I’m also employed, something else the other people on the graduation stage may not look on with much relish.

Yes, maybe I should just stay home where things are relatively safe, gazing fondly at my diploma while mentally re-arranging my children’s rooms. Sounds like a good plan to me.

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