Ah, the reference desk.

Posted: January 25, 2010 in Professional News

Patrons. I love them. Most of them are wonderful people. The vast majority are, actually.

But the next person who happens to come up to the desk when I’m either preparing notes for a book group (and have the book open next to me), or am looking through a catalog of new books from a specific publisher, and comments to me:

Nice job! You get to sit and read books and magazines all day!

… had best be prepared for my wrath.

My prepared response for the next time this happens:

Yes, that’s right. That’s why I spent $ 25,000 on a Master’s Degree. So I could sit here. Read books. And answer your questions. 

Wimpy, I know. But one doesn’t bite (too hard) the hand that feeds her. One bites one’s tongue – unless sworn at or otherwise abused – mentally repeating a mantra designed especially for moments such as this.

I recommend:


Repeat them until the urge to shout rude things passes. Then, find a quiet place and bang your head against the wall.


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