Gearing up for my final semester.

Posted: May 18, 2009 in Library School

I can hardly believe it. When I started pursuing my MLIS I thought it would take forever. Now I’m signing up for my final semester and planning to graduate in December.

My final “real” course will be on information needs relating to consumer health topics. Not something that really flips my pages, but two of the other courses I’ve already taken. One other, on children’s lit, I don’t need, and for the last course offered (creating library databases) I was warned by the professor: MANY STUDENTS DROP THIS COURSE. Why? Because it’s possibly the toughest on the curriculum, aside from metadata (SHUDDER).

Oh, yes, sign me up! Not.

So, consumer health issues it is.

Now, to set up my practicum. As usual, I began thinking of glamorous institutions like the Newberry and Northwestern University, two institutions totally unlike the public library setting. Both of these would require long commutes, and I have three children in school. Now, I’m looking at the high school a couple blocks away from where I work – where my daughter will be starting her sophomore year this fall.

Convenient, eh? Not nearly as sexy, but sometimes one must opt for convenience over glamor. Sigh.

It’ll be so nice having this summer off. In my “spare time” (guffaw) I’ll work on reviewing books again, something I’ve missed. The fall semester doesn’t start until September 2, and taking  just one course should be a breeze after two back to back semesters carrying a full load.

I will be a lady of luxury, popping bon bons like mad, reclining upon a chaise longue. No more beating my head against the wall because I have three papers due simultaneously!

Dare I dream?


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