Down the Library School Hole, and What Lisa Found There

Posted: March 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

Wow, what a semester. Irrational Overachieving person that I am, I am taking three courses this semester. I’ve probably mentioned that about 20 times to date, but I think it bears repeating – partially in an attempt to excuse my absence, but mostly to brag explain how much I’m juggling and why I’ve been so absent.

I’m at just about midway in what should be my last insanely busy semester. After these three courses I believe I have only two more to complete: one “regular” course, and my practicum. So, I’m practicumly finished!


As a result of having my head buried in textbooks, and up to my neck in notecards for research/term papers, I feel very out of touch with what’s new in the current book world. I don’t think I’ve been this out of things for a long, long time. Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, et. al. still come under my nose, but I hardly have time to read them. I give them a quick skim then pass them to the next person in line, treating them like the proverbial hot potato.

I get reviews from various sources in my inbox, too, but I only glance at them cursorily. So if there’s a blockbuster out there I may not know a thing about it. Can’t really say I like that feeling, but right now it’s inevitable.

My courses are going well. I’m hoping against hope to keep my perfect 4.0 after this last weighty semester, but there’s a slight chance of slippage in one course. I’m told it won’t matter if I graduate with slightly less than a 4.0, but my theory is the people saying it are just out to save my feelings,  just in case I fall to an AB from an A. Nice of them, but I’d prefer they crack the whip rather than pat me on the head.

I should graduate, Universe willing, in December of this year. This coming fall I’m planning to do my practicum, though where I have no idea. I would love to go back to the Newberry, where I did a short internship last year – in which I organized all the books in the American Indian collection into LOC number order (fun!)(not so much), but it cost a mint traveling back and forth between trains and taxis. I guess I could have walked from the train station to the Newberry, but that’s a long haul and I worried my sweaty appearance would be less than impressive.

So, that leaves me hoping I can work somewhere closer, possibly at the high school library here in Algonquin. I have a daughter who’s a freshman there this year, and having me so close would enable her to twist my arm ask me to drive her even more places than I already do. I can’t wait ’til the child has her driver’s license!

Did I just say that?

Things are churning along here, the balance of school, work and home life precarious but somehow managing to work out. I’m looking forward to getting that degree, and to having the free time to look for ways to do more book-related stuff.

The end is near! And that’s what’s keeping me going.


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