So much for free time.

Posted: January 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

Starting  January 20th and running through early June I won’t have time for much more than reading, eating, sleeping (possibly) and breathing. I ordered the textbooks for the spring semester. Guess what I needed?:

For Multicultural Literature of Children and Young Adults there are 19 books, including the text book, thank God. For each of the 18 children’s/young adult books (one of them Huckleberry Finn – possibly the longest on the list) I’ll need to write a 1 – 1.5 page reader response report. A proper one with required categories. One. Every. Week.

For Information Literacy Pedagogy I only have two required texts. However, there are also four “recommended” books I haven’t bought. I’m biting my fingernails wondering how necessary they are, and if I should shell out the $ 30 a pop (cheapest price for each, checking and the university bookstore). Should I? Must I?

And, finally, for Collection Management there is only one text. However, that usually means lots and lots of supplemental reading as well as papers out the wazoo. No professor worth anything lets students get off with reading just one book without putting them through the wringer.

I took three courses over the fall semester, too. At times I cruised along just fine, but at others I was snatching myself bald. The key is pacing, and staying just ahead of the syllabi; as soon as you start falling behind on your work it’s the equivalent of a hamster running feverishly on a wheel. Sometimes you never catch up.

Fortunately, I have a very fast reading speed. Unfortunately, 18 BOOKS. Eighteen weekly PAPERS.

I do love reading (duh), but it feels like cheating having my husband perform most of the household tasks (bless him!) while I’m holed up with fiction books. But I get over that fairly quickly. The big downside is my children spend five months feeling like they’re living in a single-parent household. I become the mom who has no time – the inaccessible lady in the ivory tower. You know she’s there, but you never see her.

Taking three courses means I have homework every, single night, plus weekend days. I become a stranger in my own home. At the end of last semester my kids saw me and wondered, “Who is that lady walking around our house? She looks vaguely familiar.”

That’s the price I pay for wanting my MLIS as quickly as possible, but I’m also a little worried about sullying my perfect 4.0 GPA taking on a full course load while also working 25 hours/week and having a family at home. Just a little nutty.

When I started the program they told me nobody finishes in just two years. At the rate I’m going, I will, setting a standard that should effectively make future MLIS students hate my guts.

Two weeks and counting until classes start. I’d better make the best of them.


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