More in the inexhaustible debate of the Library v. Google

Posted: November 12, 2008 in Professional News


US Librarians are taking Google on.

” But there’s a difference. They’re aiming at providing a vehicle through which users will find information rather than a user exploitation platform created solely to suck in advertising dollars. ”

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Confession time? Are we all librarians (or almost a librarian, in my case) here? I use Google. I use it as my first line of research. If I find what I need there, or what seems to suffice/satisfice my need for an answer, I go no further.

On the other hand, if I need something deeper, say for a research paper, a column idea, etc., I go to databases. But only then.

Google takes me to titles of books I need. Between WorldCat and Google I can track down titles and availability worldwide.

So, why can’t patrons?

Some of them still fear the internet. They look at the rest of us and think we’re gods, that we’re brilliant, shining beings with computers attached to our fingers.

And in some cases, well … Yeah.

But not usually.

If I’m using Google, aren’t most of my patrons?  And, are they “satisficed” with what they’re finding?

This is a big problem, people. A big issue to be overcome if you and I don’t want to become dinosaurs in a world of homo sapien sapiens. We’re using clubs against 500 lb. elephants in our libraries, when we should be using bazookas.

And, why does the library world seem to be moving so slowly answering this question?

One more thing: riddle me this … As an almost librarian I keep asking established library/professional organizations “How Can I Help?” I’m willing to put in some time. I’m anxious to, in fact. But I get NO RESPONSE. “How do I join this committee? What would you like me to do?” Nothing, I guess.

Is it any wonder we’re in this situation? I’m terribly frustrated.


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