Unbelievable. I can't believe I missed it …

Posted: October 24, 2008 in Uncategorized

From Barcorefblog:

“Sorry to say I completely missed the annual INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY yesterday, where people who really hate the caps lock key can vent all day. I’m not crazy about caps lock, but I do actually use it occasionally (once a month? Less? ) and I don’t accidentally hit it all that often (couple of times a week?). Anyway, the key I really really hate is the Insert key, the one that makes everything you type disappear. So in honor of the DAY AFTER CAPS LOCK DAY, for anyone who also hates the Insert key, here’s how I permanently disabled mine, with thanks to Steve Bass at PC World who calls the Insert key “as useless as the human appendix”:
Open up Microsoft Word. Click Tools, Customize, and in the dialog, choose Keyboard. In Categories, scroll to and click All Commands, and in the Command panel, select “Overtype.” Highlight “Insert” in the Current keys box, click Remove, and click Close until all the dialog windows close.
So easy, yet so satisfying.”


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