Knee-deep in homework

Posted: October 10, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. I know. I could show you my syllabi, to prove I haven’t been off partying with Nancy Pearl, if need be.

Speaking of Nancy Pearl, my youngest child broke off the arm of my NP action figure. She can still “Shhhhhh!!!,” though. There’s hope she’ll pull through.

It’s mid-semester, or thereabouts, in the U of Wisconsin-Madison’s MLS distance learning program. Mid-semester means I have the oh-dear-god-how-will-I-do-all-this disorder. It all seemed so straight-forward at the beginning of the semester. I even got ahead of the game for a while. I felt so much better than everyone else, so superior.

Then the political debates started, and the stock market slid into a pit … So much to worry about, so much to watch on TV. I can’t let disasters pass without keeping myself informed.

And I can’t not watch the stock market slide, either.

I hope you’re all watching the SNL coverage of the election. Last night’s spoof of the most recent debates was hilarious. I loved the candidates wandering aimlessly in front of the camera. Classic.

Too, too much news going on now. Too much to keep track of, yet the profession’s all about information. I guess we just have to pick our poison and hope someone else fills us in on what we’ve missed. Otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to keep up on it all.

At least things aren’t boring.


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