Time wounds all heels

Posted: September 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

I couldn’t believe how long it’s been since I last posted. I knew I’d been busy a while, but I didn’t quite realize how long.

The semester’s proceeding well. Nothing negative to say about it. I’m reading some great YA fiction in the YA course, learning about a mind-boggling array of online reference courses in the the reference course (go figure), and engaging in heated IF debate in Intellectual Freedom and Libraries.

I guess the only downside is every evening, after dinner, I disappear into the bedroom to “study.” Ever tried studying while lying prone on a comfortable bed? It results in a lot of forehead gashes from books I drop when I fall asleep. I’ve also ruined three shirts from highlighters I forget I haven’t capped bleeding into my shirt while I’m blissfully unconscious, dreaming Nancy Pearl and I are lunching at a little bistro across the street from the Library of Congress.

But I’m doing well keeping up with things. Granted, taking three courses in a semester is a little nutty (SEE: behavior, usual). I’m snowed under by reading, which to me isn’t exactly torture. And while I have papers to write there are no big, monstrous ones. I can knock off 2- 3 page papers in less time than it takes Barack Obama to work the word “change” into a speech.

This weekend I’ll probably be here at the library, off the clock, books and papers spread out, monopolizing an entire table. I have a short critical essay to write, notes to take for a book review, and at least 100 pp. to read – counting all three subjects.

No biggie.

Hold my calls, but if it’s Nancy Pearl tell her 12:30 on Friday works great for me.


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