Library-related news, various and sundry

Posted: September 25, 2008 in Uncategorized

Tough times affect libraries


” It’s an essential element of any community, but the public library is something Kathleen Newe believes most people take for granted.

“Think about it: It’s the only place in the community where everyone is welcome, whether you’re a senior who needs financial advice or if you’re a student, or out of work,” said Newe, a volunteer with the Friends of the Diamond Bar Library for nearly two decades.

There are sport teams, churches and clubs that people belong to, “but the library is the only place where every single person can go and feel welcome,” she added.

“And that’s a really important thing for people to realize.”

It’s an especially important point to consider in light of difficult economic times that have prompted many cities and counties to tighten their budget belts over the years, sometimes at the expense of local libraries. ”

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Milwaukee Library to be Replaced by “Affordable Housing”?

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online:

” The Villard Avenue Library could be replaced by a new building that combines affordable housing with computer-oriented learning facilities, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said Wednesday. ”

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West Point Gets New Library

From The New York Times:

” The library was completed after more than 10 years of planning and construction at a cost of $65 million, and it took a hard fight to get the funds at a time when the military is fighting expensive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“From the beginning, there were some in the Army who questioned the need” for a new library, said General Finnegan, the academy’s dean, in an interview before the dedication. Those doubters suggested that all the modern technical information a cadet might need was available online. “They said: ‘You already have a library. Students can just go on Google and get what they need.’ ”

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