That manic laughter you're hearing?

Posted: August 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

That’s me.

Yesterday I posted gloating about how easy I have it this fall (grad school), how I only have five books to read for YA literature and that’ll be a breeze. Well, friends, I took another look at that email from my professor. Turns out the five books are just the first installment of 21 required YA novels, plus a textbook.

Twenty. One. Novels.

I love reading. I swear to you I do. But that’s not all I’ll have on my plate this semester. My Intellectual Freedom course has five required textbooks. Fortunately, my reference course has only one. Oh, but that course has a practicum. A 40-hour-during-the-semester practicum.

I need a library that will let me look over the shoulder of a reference librarian and be nicey-nice to your patrons for 40 hours this fall. Anyone?

Don’t make me go begging.


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