Do you want the good news first or the bad news?

Posted: July 23, 2008 in Library, General, Uncategorized
At 100, librarian’s life is an open book
By Rachael Scarborough King , Register Staff


GUILFORD — Surrounded by friends, family and colleagues, Edith Nettleton celebrated her 100th birthday Tuesday at the place where she has spent much of her adult life — the Guilford Free Library.

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From The New Zealand Herald:

Delving into the darkness within

5:00AM Tuesday July 22, 2008

In the new series The Librarians, Australian comedian Robyn Butler has written a lead role for herself that is among the most unflattering of recent times. She plays Frances O’Brien, head librarian of Middleton Interactive Centre and a middle-class “passive-aggressive control freak” extraordinaire.

Not only is Frances (pictured) intolerant of her Muslim, Asian and gay patrons but, as revealed in the first episode this Friday, she is also capable of causing extreme bodily harm to employees through her casual cruelty. Her life unravels when she is forced to employ her ex-best friend, Christine Grimwood (Roz Hammond) – now a drug dealer – as the children’s librarian.

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