Things they don't teach you in library school

Posted: June 25, 2008 in Hot Book News

One resourceful librarian catches a thief:


” He’s the dastardly villain from a librarian’s worst nightmare, slashing rare books with a razor and stealing priceless tomes off lenders’ shelves.

Until the sleuthing skills of two American librarians helped police nab James Lyman Brubaker, the 74-year-old Montana shyster had stolen and vandalized thousands of irreplaceable books, including a collection from the shelves at the University of Calgary. ”

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Reference by cell phone?


” A new 24/7 service from ChaCha allows cell phone users on the go to ask a wide range of reference questions in conversational English and get answers free of charge. Each question is routed to a human guide who searches the Web for the information and within minutes returns the answer in a text message with a web reference link. The online and mobile search company announced the new voice service in April at CTIA: The Wireless Association’s 2008 convention in Las Vegas. At 800-2-ChaCha (800-224-2242), the service works on any mobile phone that supports normal SMS text and voice capability. ”

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