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Posted: June 19, 2008 in Hot Book News

Interesting concept – multi-media story site for children. Though I’m a book purist, this sounds like a pretty good idea to get kids interested. That’s really the main point, after all.

From Publisher’s Weekly:


” When Lisa Holton left her post as president of Scholastic Trade Publishing and Book Fairs in early fall 2007, she had the unprecedented experience of having managed the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows under her belt. She had solid know-how about launching major children’s series, having originated and overseen development of The 39 Clues, Scholastic’s much buzzed-about book and Web-based venture, which launches this September. She also had a specific plan of what she wanted to do next in her career, and this week, she announced what that plan was: Fourth Story Media, a “studio” that integrates books and the Internet to develop children’s properties. Holton’s first book publishing partner will be one of her former employers: HarperCollins.

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Surprise! Harry Potter is making JK Rowling very, very rich. There’ll be no pinching pence at her castle.


” The sales figures for the Harry Potter series have long dwarfed that of most other books, excepting of course the Bible, but with news that JK Rowling’s magical tales have topped 400m worldwide, it seems possible that the boy wizard might be catching up. ”

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The dark side of eBooks…

From The New York Times:

” Not to be too 20th century, but I worry that Amazon knows more about my buying habits than my own family. Now comes the Kindle, which also knows how to use my credit card. It is very easy to buy an e-book. Press a few buttons here and there, and presto, a new tome appears. Obviously, an unskilled thumb (i.e., my thumb) could do real financial damage. I can only hope that my bank, which also knows my every commercial whim, would balk at the purchase of anything by, say, Bill O’Reilly. +

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Publishers are twittering about Twitter.

From Galleycat blog:

” Anyway, the reason I bring this up is that W.W. Norton has a Twitter account, which so far the online marketing department has been using as a way to let followers know when their authors are in the news. ”

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