Virtual Reference

Posted: June 18, 2008 in Library School


My summer grad school course is on Virtual Reference. I’m hoping that’ll be handy working on the reference desk this summer and beyond. I’m assuming the course will cover things besides Wikipedia, and Cute Overload, three of the sites which have become my fact Bibles.

I’m aware of the flaws inherent in Wikipedia. Then again, the cool thing is I could add myself as a topic and invent wildly improbable accomplishments. It’s not that it hasn’t crossed my mind. Believe me, it has. I’ve just been so busy accepting the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer (twice) and becoming the Queen of England. Then there’s that trip to Mars, to oversee the colony the U.S. is developing there. It’s been busy.

The course is only a four-weeker. That means a lot of condensed material in a very short time. I hope I survive it. My kids would really miss me at the holidays if I don’t, and my husband would probably overheat without me stealing the blankets, not to mention missing hearing me snort loudly in my sleep and call out things like “Don’t let the monsters eat me!”. All that silence would keep him awake for a while, at least until he convinces Liv Ullman to marry him. Which could take a while.

I’m not sure – maybe a real librarian could find this out for me – has anyone been known to die from brain overload? Please advise.

Now it’s back to hitting the book (only one, thank goodness). I need to get through chapters 1 and 2 this week so I can get to the course website and answer the questions. It’s bad falling behind on a four week course. You can’t start slacking off ’til at least week three. That’s my rule of thumb.

Think of me toiling away while you’re all sitting on lawn chairs throwing back margaritas. I’m not jealous. We all must pay our dues (sniff). No, no, don’t send me gifts (chocolate) to make me feel better. That’s not necessary (diamonds). I’ll get through this (Ferrari Testa Rosa or Porsche Boxter)(red or black) just fine. You go have your pool parties, your barbeques and your other outdoor festivities (gift cards).

I’ll let you know how it goes. Cross fingers.


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