School's in for summer

Posted: June 17, 2008 in Library School

My online grad school course started yesterday. And yes, I am only taking one, which for me is a rarity. I usually tend to overload if anything.

The course is on Virtual Reference, which should come in pretty handy especially now that I’m starting my training on the reference desk. I don’t know how many people conduct big research projects in summer. I’d guess that’s more of a school year thing, but maybe that’s good. I can learn all about it, get familiar with the resources, and then, in the fall, be all up to speed and reference-y. Or that’s the theory.

I’m surprised how much I’ve missed school, being out these past few weeks. After a semester taking three courses, stretching myself to the limit, you’d think I’d need a break. I enjoyed the first week or so, then I started to miss it. I think that makes me an official nerd. Like there was a doubt.

I’m also participating in an online book group, via NSLS. We’re just starting Danny Meyer’s Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business. If anyone else is interested in joining contact Melissa Henderson at NSLS for more info. This is our first week so you’ll be able to catch up with no problem.

Go thee forth and read!


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