Summer Reading!, or, Pimp My Library

Posted: June 13, 2008 in Library, General

Our library looks positively kick butt after all the staff spent the morning decorating it with various and sundry “Get in the Game” graphics. I wish I could show the actual motif but I was too lazy (Read: forgetful) to bring in my camera this morning. Just trust me on this one. It looks totally awesome (I can’t believe I just used that phrase, my children are wearing off on me – please send HELP).

So, are we all psyched? Everyone ready for the deluge? I thought so.

Maybe I’ll sign up for the staff version of summer reading this year. I never have before. I always say to myself, “Oh, I’ll do it next week,” or “It’s not really fair to everyone else considering how quickly I read…”

Lame, I know.

My two boys signed up last year. They got through the first couple prize levels before my youngest got all bummed out one of the prizes (a pen or something?) didn’t work. Since mom’s too scatter-brained to have remembered to bring it back and exchange it for him (NOTE: I work upstairs, and the Children’s Dept. is all the way downstairs) he promptly lost interest. Plus, we went on vacation around that time. I’m sure that’s what really did it, not the cool, flashing and very dead pen (or whatever thingie it was).

Enjoy pimping your libraries, gearing up for the festivities. Just don’t get jealous when I report completing my summer reading requirements the first week. That’s just not the librarian spirit, now, is it?


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