Ironically, I was just looking at the glorious catalogues sent by Harper …

Posted: June 13, 2008 in Library, General

Personally, I love the smell of all the book catalogs publishers send me. It gives me a better high than sniffing modelling glue (not that I’ve ever DONE that, mind you). Like the smell of books, mostly new but a few old ones that aren’t too disgustingly moldy, I find it one of my favorite things.

I get most of them at home, for the purposes of requesting books for review, but ironically I just received a load of them from Harper and its subsidiaries this morning. That was before I saw this post on the blog Kash’s Book Corner:

“Buying new books for the store, the crux of my job, can be an exercise in absurdity and futility. It’s an antiquated, inefficient system that hardly takes into account the invention of the personal computer and completely ignores the existence of the internet. ”

Read more …


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