Curiouser and Curiouser

Posted: June 12, 2008 in Hot Book News

If this isn’t the most stupid and lame idea I’ve ever heard it definitely ranks up there in the top ten. My first thought? They already do this. They call them SOAP OPERAS. Just put them on the internet and add a little text and BINGO.

“Will the future novel be more than text on a page?” from Read Write Web

“Here Ends the Beginning is much more than a conventional e-book,” wrote Furlong to us in an emailed press release. “The text is punctuated throughout with video clips and photographs of actors recreating the characters and scenes. Music and sound effects further enhance this novel experience.”

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Personally, before I’d give my kids a hand-held book “reader” I’d shave my head and join a cult. Or vote Republican.

“Keep your internet; we want books”

“75 percent of kids age 5-17 agree with the statement, “No matter what I can do online, I’ll always want to read books printed on paper,” and 62% of kids surveyed say they prefer to read books printed on paper rather than on a computer or a handheld device.”

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Hey, does this apply to “Buy Two, Get One Free” offers? And can it be returned for store credit?

This from Shelf (text in full):

” Noting that several county clerks in the area have stopped performing marriages–apparently for financial reasons rather than because of the California Supreme Court’s ruling last month that legalized gay marriage–Heather Lyon, owner, manager and buyer of Lyon Books and Learning Center, Chico, Calif., said in her store’s newsletter that she, a recently “ordained minister of the Universal Life Church and, for good measure, the Church of Spiritual Humanism,” will happily perform non-religious marriages in the store.

“While for some, a church is the best choice of a wedding site; I hope others will appreciate that special book store ambience,” she wrote. “For me, being surrounded by the wisdom of the ages, new ideas, and the smell of books fills me with optimism and hope for the future. And a wedding is an act of optimism, a leap of faith, a commitment to a partner and the future.”

Lyon wrote that the newsletter evoked more responses than any other newsletter she’s written. There were 17 messages in the first few hours, “all positive, no negative.”

She asked if Shelf Awareness thought other booksellers might want to learn about her offer and “share the faith.” The answer: “I do.” ‘


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