Penguin's Collaborative "Blog Novel" a Spectacular Failure

Posted: May 21, 2008 in Hot Book News

If you’re not nauseated now, you will be after you read the first paragraph:

” The deep waters, black as ink, began to swell and recede into an uncertain distance. A gray ominous mist obscured the horizon. The ocean expanse seemed to darken in disapproval. Crashing tides sounded groans of agonized discontent. The ocean pulsed with a frightening, vital force. Although hard to imagine, life existed beneath. It’s infinite underbelly was teeming with life, a monstrous collection of finned, tentacled, toxic, and slimy parts. Below its surface lay the wreckage of countless souls. But we had dared to journey across it. Some had even been brave enough to explore its sable velveteen depths, and have yet to come up for precious air….”

Read More About It Here…

  1. C. Brian says:


    FYI, your blog is mentioned in the “Blogorama” section of the June 2008 issue of the Internet Resources Newsletter (IRN):


  2. Ian says:

    Clearly, not everything can be done by committee. Still, with that start, I’m not sure even John Updike could save it.

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