End of semester hair pulling

Posted: April 21, 2008 in Library School

Coming up to the end of the spring semester of grad school. It’s time all my major projects come due, so if you can remember how that was when you were in school you’ll know how hairy this time is.

The good news is I’m done with all but two assignments and one of them is halfway done. All that’s hanging over my head is a 5-6 page paper, which is no huge deal.

I’m not taking any courses this summer. I’m suffering from burnout plus that’s family vacation time. But the nose will be back to the grindstone come fall.

I’m not sure what I’m taking in the fall yet, but I’m so glad my days of commuting to videoconference classes will be done. It’s all online after this semester, something I vastly prefer. I like that I can submit assignments at my own pace in the online courses. If I finish things early I can submit them early. This semester I’m already done with my online course, having submitted the final assignment last week. That’s a load off!

But library school’s going very well. No complaints about it, but it’s darn hard fitting in homework with everything else. Ah, well. Once it’s done I’ll be glad I did it. That’s my consolation.


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