Oh Dear God, or Library School Will be the Death of Me

Posted: February 19, 2008 in Library School


It’s darn tough going back to grad school in your 40s, more so when you also work (albeit part-time) and have three children also in school, also with needs (drat them). If you also think you can dare have any sort of life outside of that, add on the additional impossibility of it all.


I was the one who had the bright idea I could take three courses this semester (two videoconference, for which I drive an hour each way twice a week to Rockford, plus two hours/class of actual lecture time, and one online course). I can’t blame anyone but myself. Friends and family told me, “You’re nuts.” But did I listen?

Apparently not.

I’m taking a course on reference, a course on information sources (still not really sure what that one’s about, but it comes with a lot of obscure acronyms) and, the jewel of the semester, a course in Reader’s Advisory/adult reading.

One course has no tests, no long papers, just short assignments. One course has short papers and a mediumish term paper. The last course has one big, honkin’ cumulative assignment (design an RA department for your library – no problem!) based on a semester’s worth of learning and study online.

Still, that all adds up.

Add in 30 hours of part-time work at my library, a weekly column on things literary, keeping my hand in book reviewing, attending various writing workshops and running an online group for one of them, attending various cultural events in and around the city, trips on retreat, a vague attempt at a social life (mostly with other writers), a course in spirituality, the care and feeding of children and husband AND the other misc. “stuff” that makes up so much of our lives and you have my semester.

Am I begging for pity? Well, kind of. I guess I am.


I did just want you to know I hadn’t died. So now you know. I haven’t died. I’m just dead tired.


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