Announcing Chicago Writers Book Group

Posted: December 6, 2007 in Chicago Writers Book Group

I’m writing to share one of my latest projects with you for the joint purposes of getting the word out and passing along the idea to other libraries, because I think it’s actually a decent idea (not that I’m prejudiced or anything)(okay, I am).

It’s no secret I’ve always been all about the books. I’ve been a staunch supporter of quality writers and writing for about a decade now, lending my support to published writers via my reviews, author interviews, and every other way I could.

Now I’m turning my attention locally, to focus in on Chicago area authors. I’m forming a book group here at the Algonquin library dedicated to reading the work of writers from around the metro area. “Around the area” may sometimes dip into Wisconsin, Indiana and possibly Iowa, too, depending on how things go, but by and large I’m interested in authors living in the Chicago area as well as northern Illinois.

The group will debut next April. Each month the group will read a book written by a local area author, and we’ll hold our discussions one Monday morning a month (from 10:00 – 11:30). The author will attend the discussions, to chat with the group about his or her book as well as a little about the process of writing it, if there’s time and interest. If the members are interested in purchasing a signed copy of the author’s works, we’ll probably work things out so they can do that, too.

I will also promote the authors via my two blogs, this one and Bluestalking Reader. I may also occasionally promote them other places, such as my weekly column, “Reviews & Reflections” at They’ll be mentioned in our newsletter and information will be sent to local Chicago area media. If other opportunities for PR present themselves I’ll look into those, as well.

I’m sending out a call to any Chicago area writers to contact me if they’ve written a book that could provoke lively discussion within a book group. I’m mostly interested in novels, but I’m not opposed to the idea of short stories and the occasional non-fiction as well. The book must be suitable for adult library patrons.

This is the basic idea. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at:


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