Running Away From It All for Turkey Day

Posted: November 19, 2007 in Completely Off Bookish Topics

I’m running away this weekend, going on a retreat to a hermitage in northern Illinois. There’ll be no turkey for me this year, no cranberries and no sweet potatoes, either. I’ve elected to pack up and hit the road, travelling to a place called Christ in the Wilderness, located in Stockton, IL.

Christ in the Wilderness, despite the obvious religious inference, isn’t about religion per se. It’s a retreat located on forested acres, a place to be solitary and get back to nature. The hermitage features modern cabins, equipped with small kitchens, a bathroom with a shower, a bedroom and a small living room area. The cabin I’m staying in also has a screened porch, though I can’t count on the weather cooperating well enough for me to use that perk.

The main purpose of the weekend will be to get away from it all, and spend four days in complete solitude. The forested land will provide me with more hiking than I’ll ever possibly want, and if the weather’s good I’ll hopefully get some decent photos of the Apple River Canyon area.

It’s been a busy year, to put it mildly. Four days of resting and recharging are just what the doctor ordered. I’ll be doing some reading and some writing, but mostly I’ll be getting away from it all.

I’ll let you know if I recommend the place, once I’m back and readjusted to urban life. I understand there are no dangerous wild animals around the area, so barring any unfortunate episodes I predict it will all go well.

Enjoy the holiday, and may your turkey be plump. All the best to you and yours this Thanksgiving weekend.


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