Posted: July 23, 2007 in Current Reading

Reader, I finished it.

It took me approximately seven hours to finish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which is just over 100 pp. per hour. Not that I’m bragging, or anything.

I picked up my copy at Borders in Algonquin at the midnight release, having secured myself a good place in line by braving the crowd that morning to pick up my stylish orange wristband. I got to the store at around 11:15 p.m., and thanks to my well-honed survival skills (from years of being a bookseller and having to secure my turf at book sales) managed to insert myself near the front of the line, deftly skirting past the old, the infirm, and those easily distracted by “someone” dropping five dollar bills on the floor.

Can’t imagine who’d be that devious.

I was one of the first 50 to buy a copy of the book at the Algonquin store. I managed to get out without overhearing anyone blurt out any information about the ending, too, which was a big fear I had going in. I also resisted the temptation to spread false rumors, though I have to tell you the wicked side of me was tempted for about a split second. But you’ll be glad to know integrity won out.

I was home before 12:30, and read until my book light died an untimely death at 2:30 a.m. I was falling asleep, anyway, and had cracked myself in the nose three or four times from falling asleep during the more “verbose” sections, so that was probably all for the good. I picked the book up again at approximately 9:00 the next morning, reading until I finished it at 2:30, just as my husband and I pulled into the parking lot of the Ambassador East hotel.

I’m still leery of posting spoilers this soon, since not everyone has the same freakishly fast reading speed I do. All I’ll say for now is I’m satisifed with the ending. I’m not happy about all of it, and especially not about the things I predicted that didn’t come to pass. JKR didn’t consult me before she wrote the final installment, and I hope she doesn’t come to regret that TOO badly. We all make mistakes. Maybe she’ll wise up for her next book.

For now I’ll leave you with these images from my weekend downtown. I caught a few people in the act of reading, and guess what book was captiving them?


It’s great to “catch” so many people out reading, and even better when it’s a multi-generational affliction. A series like this is a once in a lifetime kind of thing, so I don’t expect to see the likes of Harry again. It’s been a lot of fun.

I’ll post in more detail about what I thought of the series as a whole soon. I’m planning to re-read the whole thing one more time, then set it aside for a while. I’ll miss these characters a whole lot, but I don’t know if I’d really want JK Rowling to write more about them. Sometimes it’s better to just close the book after you turn the last page, and let the characters stay as they were when you knew them. But I may be in the minority on that one. I know there are legions of kids who’d disagree, and probably a lot of adults, as well.

So, we’ll see. When Jo calls I’ll give her my opinion, then I guess it’s up to her. But if we go out to lunch SHE’S buying.

  1. Terri says:

    I think it’s an amazing thing to see so many people excited about reading the same book and to have such huge numbers of people reading this book over the same weekend! This has indeed been a wonderful thing for books. I was working all day Saturday and enjoyed seeing our volunteers and pages come in with the book. Both of my daughters finished it over the weekend and I look forward to our family listening to it on audio this coming weekend as we drive out to Colorado. I love that most of the people I know have someone in their family reading the book–if not everyone! It’s wonderful!

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