A Lot of Excitement for a Monday

Posted: July 23, 2007 in The Master(s) of My Domain

Well, then.

Three months of waiting and wondering were brought to a close just minutes ago. First I found out the ending to the Harry Potter story after a decade of waiting, then THIS.

I’m not sure I’m equipped for so much excitement in such a short space of time. I think I either need to go lie down or go get a BIG margarita to celebrate. Or, in my case, get the margarita, consume half of it, turn beet red from the effects of alcohol on my pasty Irish/Dutch complexion, loudly proclaim to the entire restaurant that they’re all my best friends and I love them dearly, then lie down out of absolute necessity, due to the fact I’ve mysteriously come down with a pounding headache.

But here’s my big news (brace yourselves), before I get any more sidetracked:

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has accepted me for admission to its Graduate School of Library and Information Science. The official letter is in the mail, they assured me (officially), but I got the official email notifying me of the official letter today.


Go, (insert U of W – Madison mascot here), go!

Guess that makes me a student again after (number deleted, to protect the elderly) years spent in the “real world.” It’ll be back to the books for me, come September. Weird concept. Even weirder, a lot of my studies won’t even involve actual, physical books. I’ll be an online grad student, getting the bulk of my lectures courtesy of Comcast broadband rather than having to actually show up to class.

Back in my day, books were de rigeur. Ubiquitous, even. I know all you young people won’t believe it, but you’ll have to take my word on this one. I almost feel weird admitting that, as though just saying it makes me seem antique. It’s like me telling my kids we didn’t have VCRs, iPods, videocameras or even Starbucks when I was a kid.

They find that all more than a little creepy.

But one thing that will be different, and would almost make me seem hip and modern if I hadn’t just broadcast how geriatric I am, is I’ll be BLOGGING the experience. A lot of that will consist of my own crying and whining about juggling course work with real world work with children with family with reviewing (take breath here) and everything else, but some of it may accidentally be useful and constructive, too. I can’t make any promises, but you just never know. We should be prepared for any eventuality.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take in all this excitement. I have a lot to do before September rolls around. What that is, exactly, I don’t know, but I do know I’d better go get that figured out.

Wish me luck!


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