Janis Kearney, Diarist for President Clinton, to Appear at Algonquin Area Public Library

Posted: January 27, 2007 in Uncategorized


I just this morning sealed the deal for a booking with Janis Kearney, the official White House diarist for President Bill Clinton. I had no idea “official White House diarist” was a position until I saw an article about her. Who knew? Imagine the prominent figures she must have met, and the experiences she must have had, not to mention the things she must have heard directly from President Clinton himself. What a wonderful White House staff position to hold. Aside from “official White House Christmas tree decorator,” I can’t really imagine anything that could be any better, unless there’s an “official White House book buyer with unlimited income.”

Somehow I’m doubting that.

When I saw Ms. Kearney was in the Chicago metro area, it seemed silly not to at least TRY to see if I could book a program with her. And, what do you know, she was interested. In fact, as she told me, public libraries hold a very special place in her heart.

Ms. Kearney is the author of two books, Conversations: William Jefferson Clinton From Hope to Harlem and Cotton Field of Dreams: A Memoir. She’ll be presenting a talk and book signing at the library in March. If I don’t pass out dead on the floor from the excitement it should be a great event. Of course, if I do pass out dead it’ll make even better newspaper copy.



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