Do You NaNoWriMo?

Posted: October 27, 2006 in Writing Projects


For those up for the challenge November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, for those who’ve signed up at

The aim of the project is for participating members to write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November, breaking that up into whatever workable segments you decide upon. For the purist, that translates to 1,666ish words per day for the 30 days of November, adding up to the 50,000 word requirement. And how long, exactly is a 1,666-word document? Well, for reference, it’s roughly three times the finished length of this blog post. Not THAT long, now, is it.

So, what’s the point of all this?

Well, for anyone who’s always meant to write a novel but has been cowed by the sheer immensity of the prospect it’s a way to produce a finished work within a very short span of time.

Will it be a work of any value?

Maybe so, or maybe not, but the point is you’ll have completed a novel, and, as the folks at NaNoWriMo suggest, you’ll also be able to reference obscure chapters in “your novel” at dinner parties, thus sounding immensely worldly-wise and literary. You may also choose to adopt a far-away look, grow a goatee (optional, if you’re female) and wear all black clothing. Regular wailing and gnashing of teeth could be considered optional, but ink stains on the fingers wouldn’t be amiss. They’d be strange, but not amiss.

I’m going to participate this year, for the first time ever. Feel free to drop me a line and ask me “Hey, what’s your count?” as frequently as you’d like. The more prodding I get the better. Remembering I’m supposed to be writing a novel will be half the battle for me.

If it seems what I’m producing won’t be either: a). so entirely embarrassingly bad I won’t admit to it, or b). so inflammatory as to risk getting me fired, I’ll most likely relent and let you know what name I’m under there, so you can read along.

So, what sort of novel am I going to write?

That’s the big question I’m grappling with now. I’m leaning slightly toward a mystery right now, though a gothic-inspired work isn’t far behind in the running. Then again, I could also opt for an obscure stream-of-conscious/post-modern style no one could understand much less criticize.

Hmm. That last has potential.

Whatever I decide upon it will be a rushed affair, and let’s hope not a true representative sampling of MY BEST WORK. But what I do anticipate is that it will be a lot of fun.

The sign-up deadline is November 1, so there there’s still a little time left to join the party. Come find out what it’s all about by CLICKING THIS LINK. The more the merrier!

As a wise man once said, “If not, why? If not now, when?”


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