Insane News Week Wrap-Up

Posted: August 25, 2006 in Completely Off Bookish Topics

This has been an extraordinarily rich week for news stories. It’s been so huge the media may not even have a need to embellish anything. That’s a gift they don’t get every week. They’re putting their feet up at Weekly World News, scratching their heads wondering if they’ll even have jobs next week. They should take comfort knowing there are always aliens landing in remote, rural areas, not to mention the likely impending birth of more than one three-headed cow. It’ll be okay.

Even without going into the whole JonBenet wierdness there’s still an awful lot of blogger fodder. I can hear the airwaves humming as I type. The highlights below only scratch the surface of what’s been thrown around the blogosphere this week.

Jumpin’ Jupiter!

plutodog.jpgHave you heard?

Astronomers this week decided to kick Pluto out of the planet club. Apparently they’ve decided it no longer meets the definition of what makes a planet. It’s been in doubt for a while, so this wasn’t very shocking news. However, this will send textbook publishers and other informational sources back to the presses in order to make the correction.

I broke the news about Pluto to my children yesterday, and my astronomy expert middle child informed me, “But mom, they decided one of Pluto’s moons is a planet, so we still have nine. And didn’t they just discover more planets?”

Can’t put anything over on that boy! That’s why he’s our official family memory bank and fact checker. The child can remember baseball scores from games we attended three years ago, as well as defining plays in the games (extrapolating all of this out to compare the performance of specific players when they were playing for other teams, and how their performance has risen or declined since being traded). I have trouble recalling what I had for dinner yesterday.

I think this child will be going places.


Bringin’ Home the Bacon


In other news, there was a huge flap this week regarding an article published in Forbes magazine telling men to avoid marrying career women, as they’re apparently more likely to: a). not want to have children, b). leave them for another man, c). be slovenly housekeepers, and d). be more strong and self-assured, thus more threatening to the ego of some small-minded men.

Okay, that last bit was my own editorial comment.

As hard as women have worked through the centuries to achieve equality or at least recognition, it’s galling reading something like this Forbes article. That a national magazine of this stature would publish something so blatantly misogynist is really shocking, and this is in a world where there’s not an awful lot out there that seems shocking anymore.

But there’s good to be had from this. It acts to bring gender equality issues to the foreground, essentially rallying the troops. People are thinking about the issue, and debating it heatedly on both sides. It may also lead some to see there’s a grain of truth to the author’s premise, even if he does take it in a very misguided direction. There’s something he’s most definitely missing, and it’s a glaring omission.

In Elizabeth Corcoran’s rebuttal to the original article by Michael Noer she makes the point I immediately thought of when I heard about the article in the first place. The fact career women do divorce more often may be because they’re able to. Simply put, they have the resources to stand on their own feet, so when they find themselves in an unhappy marital situation they actually CAN leave. Women without these resources don’t have this option, which is something Noer doesn’t even take into account. Just a bit of a slanted article, which makes it even more striking seeing this published in a venue like Forbes.

You can read both opinions here. If you feel strongly about the matter let Forbes know. They’ve been inundated already, but it may make YOU feel better.

Saints Alive!

Finally, something entirely weird.

miranda_1.jpg This man says he’s Jesus returned.

Not sure I really need to expand much on this particular topic, but I saw him on the Today Show this morning and apparently he’s raking in an awful lot of money. People are giving him multiple millions in cash and houses. If you really want to know more about this, he has a website.

On that note, I think I’ll bite my tongue and leave it at that.

Though I don’t mind getting mail, I wouldn’t want to be in Forbes’ shoes right now.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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