A Gem in Dundee: Steeplejack Books

Posted: August 11, 2006 in Bookshops


Having the day off yesterday I was free to roam the streets. Book vendors everywhere generally find this a windfall, but seldom do I have a truly new place to rave about from my ramblings. After seeing this place I knew I’d have to share the information on my blogs. It’s just heaven for a book lover!

Steeplejack Books in West Dundee looks like the idyllic sort of charming bookshop you’d find in a small village in Britain. What’s more, they have managed to pack an incredible amount of quality stock into its somewhat modest space. Steeplejack sells used and new books, and can order anything you could possibly need. They’re a full-service independent bookshop located on Main Street in West Dundee.

In addition to the thoughtfully selected books themselves, they also sell those wonderful moleskine notebooks I personally use for all manner of journaling, from book reviewing to travel and beyond. I wouldn’t be without my moleskines.


Here’s a photo of what I managed to find there:


Couldn’t walk out empty-handed, after all…

If you’re in the area please do consider popping by this bookshop. There’s a very good chance you’ll find me ferretting in the corner if you do!

Steeplejack Books
125 West Main Street
West Dundee, IL




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