Summer Concert Event: Creole Stomp

Posted: August 9, 2006 in Public Libraries

Where has the summer gone?


The days are already getting shorter. I noticed that last evening at 8:15 p.m., when the sun was already starting to set. There was even a bit of a blissfully cool chill in the evening air, most welcome after all that horrible heat.

I’m not sorry to see the summer waning on most counts, but I am from the standpoint of school starting again. No more unstructured days home with the kids. It’s back to the grind. Back to the daily homework, the projects, the rousting the kids out of bed every day…

But not quite yet!

Back in July we hosted an outdoor concert at the Algonquin Library, featuring the group Creole Stomp. As a bid to slow the departure of lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, here’s a photo flashback:


Creole Stomp is an outstanding group of musicians who play very animated, spirited music that appeals to all age groups. The Illinois Arts Council also gives grants to libraries to help fund their concerts. If you’d like information on bringing Creole Stomp to your library just drop me a line:


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