Crazy, Sensationalist, or a Consummate Fake?

Posted: July 28, 2006 in Uncategorized


How’s this for a story? An author writes a book about Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene marrying and having children…

No, not THAT author. This is another author completely, and her name is Kathleen McGowan. Her book The Expected One was self-published last year but sold only 2,500 copies. Now it’s been picked up by Simon & Schuster and will be printed in 25 countries.

So what makes this so controversial? It’s just another Da Vinci Code knock-off, right? Well, yes and no. Not only has the author written another religious mystery on the same theme as Brown’s book, but she also claims to be a direct descendent of the union between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. No, really!

How exactly does she know this? Well, that’s when things get a bit weird. She has visions, you see, and Mary Magdalene has told her so. Nothing odd about that, now, is there? Her family and friends believe her, and this is what her editor at Touchstone/Simon & Schuster has to say:

” Todd says she has no problem believing McGowan’s claim that she descends from a marriage between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. “Yes, I believe her. Her passion and her mission are so strong, how can she not be?” ”

Oh, of course! How can she not be… If she says so.

Well, this book landed on my doorstep a few days ago, courtesy of Simon & Schuster. As it did arrive from the GREAT BEYOND I’m assuming I’m one of the CHOSEN. How can I not be? If I say so.

I will be reading this one, out of sheer curiosity, and I’ll let you know my honest opinion on it. You can be sure of that. Publisher’s Weekly pronounced it mind-numbingly dull, but some other sources have praised it. I’ll know soon enough.

In the meantime, here’s an interesting USA Today article on the subject of McGowan and her book.


Author Kathleen McGowan, true descendant or consummate fake?


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