A Canine Side-Trip

Posted: July 27, 2006 in Current Reading

What’s all the fuss about this particular Labrador Retriever? Marley & Me keeps topping the weekly library lists reporting most popular non-fiction books, and the wait to get it via interlibrary loan took WEEKS and WEEKS….

What’s that about?

I’m taking a reading break from pretty much everything else in order to quickly read Marley & Me. Not generally one to follow trends, I just had to find out what’s keeping this book on top week after week. Plus, the book was recommended to me by someone with very trusted reading taste. That’s very often a determining factor for me. Reviews are all well and good, but the word of a trusted friend is vastly more influential.

I’m about halfway through and I’m thoroughly charmed by Grogan’s style, and by his pooch, as well. What a goofy, endearing dog! I can identify with some of it, though on a smaller scale, as I own a Jack Russell Terrier. Taffy could give Marley a run for his money on the issue of quirky behavior. What a nutbag!

Picture 008.jpg

The book’s not just about the dog. It’s also about Grogan, his wife and their subsequent children. They adopt Marley as newlyweds, as a sort of nurturing test before they determine if they’ll be good parents. So far one child has come along, and he’s just as crazy about this big Lab as his parents.

Shouldn’t take me too long to finish the book, and it’s a nice side trip.

  1. Miranda says:

    Omg, I have read Marley & Me 4 and a half times already. I absolutely love it!! I thought that the book was SOO good I named my next puppy after Marley and that dog has been the most special one so far:)

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