Random Bits of Book Gossip

Posted: June 28, 2006 in Today's Random Book Gossip

Phew, that’s annoying. Three times I’ve typed in long-winded posts, and three times they’ve disappeared POOF! into thin air.


(Note to self: find SAVE button.)

Anyway, have you been following the news about Harry Potter # 7? JK Rowling’s reportedly done writing this last installment, and the gossip is not one but TWO main characters will die… More disturbingly than that, she’s hinting one of them may be (prepare yourselves) HARRY…


I will admit I had a hard time with the loss of Dumbledore in Book 6. I’m still hoping he’ll make like Lazarus and pop back up again, somehow, in Book 7, but I’m in the minority as to people who believe that could happen.

But hope springs infernal.

In other news, there’s a new book-themed game! Shockingly, I’ve already ordered one for myself:


The premise of the game is that each player will write an authentic-sounding first sentence for a particular work of literature, after being given the title and a brief description. The moderator will then read the real sentence along with the fake ones, and the objective is to choose the real first sentence. It took me about five minutes to decide this game was an absolute necessity.

Weirdly, though, the game was developed by actress Daryl Hannah, who impressed herself on my memory for her portrayal as a mermaid in _Splash!_ I can’t think of her without recalling her weird dolphin-like noises, yet I’ve just bought something literature-related from her.

Not sure it gets stranger than that, though it’s also true Kate Moss (the coke-snorting supermodel who can fit between the pickets of a fence with room to spare) has also signed a deal to write her autobiography. Bizarro world.

What may be most shocking of all, though, is the price of the game, yet these specialty games never do come cheap. That statement, accompanied with a gesure of resignation, will be my response when the credit card bill comes in next month. It may not get me anywhere, but I firmly believe it’s important to have a plan.

(I’m taking all reasonable suggestions on how to claim a purchase from SimplyFun as a “household expense,” by the way.)

My family won’t indulge me in playing this game with me, I can already tell you that. This is the same family that won’t make eye contact with me when I pull out the Trivial Pursuit game. They’re oddly put off by my penchant for gleefully (they call it “maniacally,” but I protest their usage of that word) jumping on all the brown wedge questions (literature, in case there was any doubt), and worse by my tendency to not only get the answers right but to do so in a rather “condescending manner.”

I may grant them the use of “condescending.”

Ah, well. There’s still room in the corner of the game closet where Booktastic sits, gathering dust. Maybe someday (she said, with a hopeful look out of the corner of her eye).

And that is all I have to say about that for today. I’m not recreating this for a FIFTH time!

P.S.: If you’re reading this it means I did, indeed, find the SAVE button.


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